Bhandara-Food Distribution

Daan means donation, or giving anything to somebody without any charge. In Hindu religion Daan has a great importance. It is believed that Daan is able to remove many obstacles of life. It is also believed that whatever we give in this life it helps us in our other lives.

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What is Bhandara ( Food distribution )

Bhandara or lunger is a term which is widely used in India for Distribution of food to poor and hungry people.
Whenever any bad Dashaa (time) comes in somebody’s life, often Pandit prescribe Daan. Even at many auspicious occasions Daan is given, for example at the time of birth of a child; at the time of doing any fast, or Yagya, or special worship; on some festivals (Sankraanti, at the time of lunar or solar eclipse etc); or at the time of death; or while being in Teerth (holy) places etc.
It is imperative that all Daan should be given to Supaatra. Supaatra means whoever is worthy to get it. Donation to unworthy people for that particular Daan is wasting that thing, such as feeding any rich man has no purpose of donating food.

What We Do

We offer Food Distribution Services (Bhandara) for Spiritual as well as social Purpose on your behalf ( any where in india ). Offering Bhandara in India is very easy. You can contact us tell us where you wish to donate food, tell us to how many people you wish to feed and also what recipes.

We will plan as per your instructions for distribution of food donation. We will shoot a complete food video and send it for you. Contact us for pricing and complete details for food donation ( Bhandara/Lunger) so that we can provide you complete plan, Contact us now and we will reply you within same day. Bhandara for example, suppose if you want to organize a Bhandara in India at any special location on the event of birthday of your beloved or near dear. So we are ready to organize a Bhandara for hungry and needy people at any location in India on your behalf, devoted to your near dear. Just you have to give us some information like time, quantity ( for how many people ), sitting or distribution etc. We will arrange everything like tent, food, man power etc. We will arrange video recording for entire event to send you on your residence .

When should you plan for Bhandara?

Its simple you can plan for Bhandara on any special occasion as birthday, marriage anniversary of your near dear, in memory of your near dear. or any other special festival. any Puja can not greater then feed some one hungry and needy.

How It Works

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Bhandara Location

Inform us about the bhandara location & other details

Complete Bhandara

We will organise a complete bhandara on your behalf

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We will share the video of the entire  bhandara

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